Thursday, December 27, 2012

Art and sassafras!

art shattered?     When you observe my latest art obsession, you will understand where "shattered" originally comes from.  Its almost overtly obvious! However, what i really hope to do is "shatter" the notion that most artists are one dimensional in their field.  As an artist with a definate attention deficit problem I can assure you that I am ALL over the board and my art consists of anything that interests me whether its food, canvas, furniture, fashion...or anything beautiful that captures my attention!  My everyday job encompases art on a grand scale!  I am a practicing decorative painter/faux finish artist.  My business partner, Krista Vind, and I are doing our best to beautify every home on the Emerald Coast in Destin, Florida.  We also have an art studio where we teach others our passion...whether it be faux finishing, decorative painting, furniture refinishing, canvas and whatever else fascinates us.
The goal of this blog is to find a way to share my love and passion with anyone who will listen (or read!)  I hope you enjoy what I share with you...and I promise, it wont be boring!

Please feel free to leave comments, feedback, or an idea of anything you'd like to see here!

I will leave you with these art pieces that I have created using shattered and crushed glass.  Hopefully they will inspire you to come back for more!  Love!